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Welcome to NW Smiles

The Baker Street Dentist

The friendly team at NW Smiles offer pain-free dental treatment in our state of the art surgery. We are a general, specialist and cosmetic dentists.

NW Smiles is just 90 seconds from Baker Street Tube. Click to view map.

Contact NW Smiles

How to phone, email and find us...

Phone us on 020 7724 3003 or click to email us.

We're at 18 Melcombe Street, London NW1 6AH. That's just 90 seconds from Baker Street Tube.

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Fees and Offers

Special deals on dental treatments...

Phone 020 7724 3003 to book your free consultation for teeth whitening, teeth straightening (Inman Aligners™ and Invisalign™), or botox wrinkle

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What our Patients say

Testimonails from patients of NW Smiles...

"It's hard to find a good dentist. Anjali is meticulous. I've finally found a brilliant dentist." Hermione Norris

"The dentist will always be one of my biggest fears. Since meeting Anjali the dentist chair is bearable!" Gok Wan

More testimonials...

Your First Visit

A pain-free dental check at your first visit...

You are greeted warmly by our friendly team. We ask for a medical history. You then get a full dental exam that includes 2 xrays and a check for mouth cancer.

You and I look at the xrays together, talk about any problems they show, and discuss your treatment options. Phone 020 7724 3003 and book your first visit.

Want Healthy White Teeth?

The safe way to whiten your teeth...

Ever wondered why whitening tooth pastes don't make much of a difference? Or why supermarket and pharmacy teeth whitening kits give patchy results?

The safe way to get healthy white teeth is with a custom-moulded tray created for you by your dentist. More info...

Eliminate Bad Breath

Diagnosis and treatment of bad breath...

Do you suspect you may have bad breath? The underlying causes of bad breath are best diagnosed and treated by a dentist.

NW Smiles has years of experience in diagnoses and treatment of bad breath. We're friendly and gentle too! Call 020 7724 3003 to book your consultation.

Straighten Your Teeth

Clear braces, Inman Aligners™ & Invisalign™

Modern clear braces (Invisalign™) and fast treatments (Inman Aligners™) have revolutionised dental teeth straightening.

It's now possible to straighten your teeth without filling your mouth with metal. More info...

Tooth Replacement

Dentures, bridges, implants & veneers...

The replacement of missing teeth has many benefits, including the restoration of oral function and your smile.

NW Smiles provides the full range of cosmetic dental services including dentures, bridges & implants, as well as porcelain crowns & veneers.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Eliminate wrinkles with Botox & fillers

Botox smooths fine lines and wrinkles across the entire face, leaving you looking refreshed and youthful.

Botox has other uses too, including the relief of jaw ache and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).
More info...

Healthy way
to a Bright
White Smile

Bad Breath

your teeth

Dentures, bridges, implants, crowns and veneers

Botox &