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Free Whitening Consultation
All treatment options will be discussed          
Free Teeth Straightening Consultation
Discussing Invisalign®, Inman AlignerTM and Trans Aligner  
Free Botox / Dermal fillers Consultation

To ensure a natural, more youthful appearance

1. To treat fine lines and wrinkles
2. To treat jaw aches and dysfunction
3. To treat excessive underarm sweating

See prices in the pricelist below.

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Root canal treatment

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Dental Price List

New Patient Examination
(including 2 x-rays)
Existing Patient
Radiographs (small)
Radiographs (large)
Scale & Polish (per visit)
Extensive Hygiene/Perio.
Surgical Procedure

Root Canal treatments

Composite white filling
Amalgam metal filling


Teeth Whitening
Tray Based

Zoom & Home Bleach



from £90
£550.00 - £1000.00
£95.00 - £350
from £250.00

Premolars £450.00
Molars £600.00

£85.00 - £175.00
£75.00 - £125.00

from £650.00

per arch £175.00
both arches £300.00

Denture Options
Plastic Based Dentures
(1 Plate)

Plastic Based Dentures
(2 Plates)

Metal Based Dentures
(1 Plate)

Metal Based Dentures
(2 Plates)

(Straumann based)

Teeth Straightening

Inman Aligner
Trans Aligner


from £400.00

from £800.00

from £800.00

from £1,600.00

from £2,000.00

both arches from £2950
to £3950
single arch £1950.00

single arch £1950.00
£175.00 - £250.00

Facial Aesthetics Price List

Upper Facial:

Wrinkle Elimination
(with Botox / Dysport)

Include under eye area
Include 'Bunny Lines'
Eyebrow Lift
(for younger individuals)

Lower Facial Treatments:

1 area
2 areas £250.00
3 areas £350.00
+ £25
+ £45

'Gummy Smile'
Flaring Nostrils
'Smoker's Lines' (Lip lines)
Jaw Aches and TMJ Dysfunction
Chin Area + Jawline
Neck lines
Full Nerfertiti Neck Lift
(Underarm Sweating)

Dermal Fillers
from £250

£285 / 1ml Syringe
(if a 2nd 1ml syringe is required £265)
£185 / 0.55ml Syringe

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT. A full breakdown of costs will be given with a treatment plan at the consultation/examination appointment. Payment is required for treatment that has been provided on that day. We accept all major credit cards (inc Amex), debit cards, bank drafts and cash. Cheques will only be accepted up to the credit limit on the card.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Early mornings, late evenings and Saturdays available by appointment

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