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White Composite Fillings & Inlays
A wide range of filling materials are available.

Amalgam Filling Before

Composite White Filling After
At your initial consultation we will discuss the most appropriate filling material for your mouth. Most common today is the placement of white fillings as they allow for greater aesthetic results.

White fillings can be used to replace diseased tooth structure or to replace amalgam fillings for cosmetic benefits. White fillings are colour matched to your original tooth so they look like your natural teeth and appear filling free. As well as looking great, white fillings also offer strength and durability similar to that of amalgam fillings with a general life expectancy of around 7-10 years.

At NW Smiles we use different white filling materials for the front and back teeth and as a result, you get excellent aesthetics combined with ultimate strength to ensure the longevity of your restorations.

White fillings are best suited to small to medium restorations. When a much bigger restoration is needed, patients have the option of an inlay. An inlay is like a jigsaw piece which slots perfectly into the cavity. Inlays can sit into or onto the tooth instead of using a conventional filling and are usually made of porcelain.

An inlay takes two visits to complete; the first is a preparatory appointment where we take an impression of your tooth to be sent to the lab where the porcelain inlay is made. At the second appointment, the inlay is cemented in place. Like white fillings the aesthetic result is excellent and your tooth appears completely natural.

The biggest advantage of an inlay is its life expectancy. On average, an inlay is expected to last approximately 10 years. Inlays give your tooth the strength of a crown without destroying more tooth structure than is necessary.

At NW Smiles we also offer amalgam fillings (i.e. silver fillings), and use an ultra low-mercury amalgam. This type of filling is very strong.

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